Fragrance World Coffee Collection: Unisex Fragrances for a Unique Olfactory Experience

Are you a coffee lover? Or maybe you’re looking for a warm, energizing, and gourmand fragrance? Then the Coffee Collection by Fragrance World is perfect for you! This range of unisex perfumes takes you on a sensory olfactory journey, inspired by different aspects of coffee, from freshly roasted beans to aromatic desserts.

Discover the 5 unique scents of the Coffee Collection:

  • Caramel Macchiato: Ready to wake up to an olfactory symphony? Fragrance World Caramel Macchiato turns your coffee addiction into a delicious olfactory one. Dried fruits take you to Arab markets, the heart reveals creamy cappuccino with delicate foam, and the base notes perfectly recreate the aroma of a caramel latte.

  • Irish Coffee: Want a fragrance that captures the feeling of a cozy night at home with a warm Irish coffee in hand? Fragrance World Irish Coffee does exactly that! Black pepper and davana gently awaken your senses, the heart reveals a warm combination of Irish coffee, whiskey, rum, rose, and lily of the valley, and the base notes offer a long and complex experience with Arabica coffee, patchouli, caramel, whiskey, cognac, vanilla, and wood.

  • Kopi Luwak: Enter a world of opulence and mysterious aromas with Fragrance World Kopi Luwak. Freshly roasted coffee beans wake you up, the heart hides an unexpected floral secret with delicate rose, and the base notes reveal the true magic of the Orient with oud, cistus, and patchouli.

  • Mocha Coffee: Ready for a delicious olfactory escape? Fragrance World Mocha Coffee perfectly combines coffee with creamy hot chocolate. Cardamom wakes you up, the heart reveals an irresistible combination of mocha coffee, osmanthus absolute, and rose, and the base note of absolute cocoa offers a delicious dark chocolate aroma.

  • Qahwa: Let yourself be transported on a magical sensory journey into the culture of Arabic coffee with Fragrance World Qahwa. Cardamom welcomes you with a familiar aroma, the heart reveals roasted coffee with a subtle smoky accord and labdanum resin, and the base notes envelop you in warm sweetness with date accord, Virginia cedarwood, and Siam benzoin resin.

Whether you prefer plain coffee, with milk, floral notes, or chocolate, the Coffee Collection by Fragrance World has the perfect fragrance for you. The fragrances are unisex, suitable for both women and men, and will make you feel energized, elegant, and confident all day long.

Discover your favorite coffee scent in a modern and sensual interpretation with Fragrance World Coffee Collection perfumes!

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